Hi I am new in java. It is quite hard to code cpu scheduling algorithm SJF(preemtive and nonpreemtive) with a class pcb, ready queue.Thanks all.

read the rules, we're no homework service and we're not going to send any private help your way.

doesn't seem like a good project to chuck at some one who is new to java.

it's a standard homework assignment for courses like operating system design, which typically come well after students have learned to program.
Of course the typical way to pass exams these days seems to be to cheat on your assignments so you get the grade without actually learning anything, causing you to get into trouble like this later (and try the same thing again, getting others to do your work for you).

Sadly some people even manage to get university degrees that way :(

You are absolutely right there. I had a course in my university about Operating Systems, which I passed with 8, (10 is the max) and all my code was cheated. I took it from an older student who had the same course. But, to my defense I will have to say that the code was in C, they wanted us to build an OS that handles parallel procedures, and we also had written exams which I did very good without cheating

Doesn't matter how well you did on th exams, you still didn't do your own class work.

And this guy technically hasn't asked anyone to do his work, hasn't even asked a question. Frankly, I'm not really sure what he wants.

The sentence where he asked people to send him "zuh koduz" was removed.