how after drawing a square with two points at opposite corner would i find the width of it?? thanks

If you have two points:
(10, -7)
(3, 12)
then how do you find the distances between them?

The distances are:
- distance between the x values (what you are looking for)
- distance between the y values (or "height")
- distance between the two points (the length of the line connecting the two points)

Surely you've done this in math class?

Hope this helps.

If you have upper left corner coordinates (x1, y1) and lower right corner coordinates (x2, y2), then your width would simply be x2 - x1.

...for squares oriented along the axes, but not ones like

(0,0), (3,4), (-1,7), (-4, 3)


That's pithagoras i think.
You need the width or square and height. Also the starting points (corner square drawed from)

Then you do an equation:
width**2 + height**2 = distanceBetweenPonts**2

Why bad post? I told him how to get the distance between the two corners!? Its the hipothenuse man, thats the distance he wants. Don't blame me for not knowing the exact name of the formula, I study math in spanish.
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