with the information of person, i want to add his/her photograph.

please help me for that

HI PranavDV,

Kindly depict some more details about your need, furnish the details exactly what you what to get there, then only people can help you
in normal case

Place the Photo's of the Persons in a folder with their name
get a name(personname) in textbox
display the corresponding pictute in the picturebox through checking out and fron a filelist box,

The above is only a algorithm, if you can't implement then dont hesitate to contact me,

With regards
Venkatramasamy SN

with the information of person through different fields like name, address, mobile etc
i want to show his/her photograph either through picture box or through image box.

my requirement is that as i click on picture box or image box it will ask to browse that image and as i select that image it shows me in that box

help me on this

so, u want to show image/photos on image or picturebox then when u click that control you will browse image to show, right? if i didn't wrong in understand your post, this is code for showing image..
add microsoft common dialog 6.0 control on add componet. use common dialog on your form.

Private Sub Image1_Click()
With CommonDialog1
            '.InitialDirectory = "C:\"
            .Filter = "All Files|*.*|Bitmaps|*.bmp|GIFs|*.gif|JPEGs|*.jpg"
            .FilterIndex = 4
End With
Image1.Stretch = True
Image1.BorderStyle = 1
Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(CommonDialog1.FileName)
lblFilePath.Caption = CommonDialog1.FileName
End Sub

filter index to set image extension when first open dialog shown.
lblFilePath just for showing file path, if u dont like it to shown you can remove it.

OK.give feedback