Hi I am trying to develop a project in Java as per the following requirements:

1. I need to store fingerprints in The oracle database, taken by any fingerprint scanner.
2. I need to access data using fingerprint matching process.
3. I donot know how to match the patterns using algorithms. I need code for that to imply.
4. Is there any website from where I can get help to store fingerprints in Oracle DB using java?

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fingerprints can be stored as a blob, you may not find free code anywhere for your project assignment.


He'll find plenty of free code for storing blobs, although, free code for a finger print scanner may be a bit harder to come by. Code for a standard scanner should be available though, as well as example code for other USB devices and serial comm port devices, so there are plenty of sources to get started with, he just needs to Google for some.


This one is worth taking a look at...


Quote from their website:
The Scanfish project is done in Java and available for Linux and Windows environment. The handling of the fingerprint scanner hardware is currently only possible using the libusb/libusb-win32 libraries, so in order to use them we need to provide a JNI interface for the scanner interface, thus this part is platform dependent.


Thank you so much for your precious suggestion. I would be glad if I can end up this project very soon. Could you let me know is this project if I can complete will have some value that I may present in front of HR of any It company?

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