Hello World! (to all of you DaniWeb guys!)

I want to build 3D Online Chat but I don't know how to start.
Does anyone can tell me how to send message between 2 PC?
(An output of this message I want to show in 3D character's shout box.)
Right now I'm trying to Create a Chat client/server but right now I have no idea
about how to put 3D models in this program.

For me every advice is very important.
Thank you spend your time to read my questions. (and many thanks for every answer)

P.S. This is my first time and my first post if I do (or did or done) anything rude I want to

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Are we talking simple 3d models?

You have to do some planning on how exactly your messages are to be formatted (more information than just text must be sent).

Use an INET, STREAM socket. Avoid datagrams.

You will have to have a server running on some system everyone can access, which accepts connections and duplicates information received from one connection to all the appropriate target connections. You may or may not choose to use threading to implement each connection.

For the 3D stuff, you will want some sort of library. Here's some C++ 3D stuff I googled. The OpenGL things might be most friendly to you.

You've got some work ahead of you. Implementing a 3D chat is not trivial. Relatively simple, yes, but not fare for the queasy beginner.

Hope this helps.

[EDIT] Hey there, iamthwee. Are you also thinking, "gee, this could be done in Blender"? :)

Thank you for your useful advice (and a website you given me it's very helpful).

To iamthwee
yes, I'am talking about a simple 3D graphic. Maybe it have some 2-3 animation per model

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