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Could you please help me? I would like to know whether it is the same or not. Is it the same "mouse click" and "mouse Press"? I want to detect the mouse is pressing with API. Which API should I use? I actually want to know the detection although I click outside of the main form. Please give me some suggestion.

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    check this prog if i didn't wrong to understand your question : [ATTACH]4809[/ATTACH] OK. Hope this helps.. Read More


Hi Jx_Man & choudhuryshouvi,

Now, I get the result what i want because i use some code given by Jx_Man.
My question is that I want to detect left or right click whether the mouse position arrive outside of main GUI. Eg, If I use Form_MouseDown, it can't detect mouse's click while the mouse's pointer get outside GUI.
I found some API from the internet, but some procedure is wrong. If so, i got the problem. Currently, I solve it.

Thanks all for giving some suggestions and sample code.

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