how can i get a value from my database table and display in a textbox or in the label...

using c#(window application and web application)

kindly guide me

There's more than one way to do it, and there are questions that have to be answered first. What kind of database is it? Do you already have a connection? Are you running a stored procedure or an ad hoc query? Does the query need any input? Are you doing any other work? The process may need to be run as a transaction.

And more importantly, what have you tried already that didn't work?

this is wat i av done...

what i need is...

i want my username and the region to be fetched from the table and display in every page..
i have done this in web application...

hope tht u can get me de code..

i have done this with MY-SQL
con=new SqlConnection("server=pstlcorpserv;database=mis;user Id=sa;password=sqlserver12#");
adap = new SqlDataAdapter("select region from users where username like @r", con);
set = new DataSet();
adap.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("@r", SqlDbType.VarChar);
adap.SelectCommand.Parameters[0].Value = Label2.Text+"%";
adap.Fill(set, "users").ToString();
Label2.Text = set.Tables[0].Columns.ToString();