Hiya, First off, A Python conumdrum, I have done the searching to no avail. I am having trouble with the command line. Everything loads up and is recognized yet when I attempt to run a file all I get are errors. The trusty ole Hello World runs but nearly everything else gives me a stdin error.
Idle will open files if I open them from the file menu and all looks good. What I am trying to do is use py2 to send a app to a friend. When trying to run setup.py for the queens 8
it just wont do it. Do I need to add py2 to my path, the install is in the same directory as python 25, but the files are all hidden? BTW this is on a windows M.E. and it seems like when it comes to software installation on this there is always a catch or trick
of somekind that doesnt apply to any other system in the entire universe. Any help most graciously accepted because the trips to Tibet to find the sacred Shaman that speaks to the M.E. spirits for guidance are getting expensive.

Sounds like your problem is the "very old" OS you are using. With much luck you could find someone still familiar with WindowsME.

Thanks for looking and you may be correct but I still think M.E. has a little life left to it. I am
sure you were being polite when you said a little luck, again thanks