Hello, I am relatively new with Python and Pygame, however, I am an experienced PHPer, so programming isn't something new to me. My problem is this: I got Python 2.4 installed and Pygame 1.6 for Python 2.4 installed. I know Pygame works because I can make calls to the Pygame modules.

My problem is, when I try to open a window through Pygame using

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((468, 60))

it opens a window, but then lags, and finally crashes and I have to use the oh-so-lovable Crtl-Alt-Del to kill it. I can't figure this out. If I use Tkinter to open windows, they open and execute just fine. The problem only persists with Pygame. Any help at all would be appreciated.

The mode you are trying to set in ...

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((468, 60))

is really not very close to any recognizable mode. Pygame does search for the closest possible mode, but may be overtaxed in this case!

So I try this:

>>> pygame.display.set_mode((320, 240))
<Surface(320x240x32 SW)>

And it produces a window which hangs again. Any size crashes. Could it be a problem with my computer maybe?

What is your computer and operating system? Which version of Python and PyGame have you installed?

Come to think of it, in a 32bit mode the odd sizes shouldn't be a problem, at least on a XP box. How is the result (screen) used?

Follow the trail and make a sub-program of the calls.

It has been my experience that a number of the PyGame examples on the internet are faulty at best. For instance get_rect() is often given a parameter, doesn't like it!

I have done some work with the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library using C++, not much work with PyGame's SDL.