I was wondering if its possible to embed c++ into an Html website. Is there some engine that does it for you, or is it just not possible? Thanks.

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When I look up CGI they just come up with premade scripts. I want to be able to put what I did in the command line onto a website.


click the link I posted the scroll down to page to "CGI Tutorial". The way I did it several years ago was to write a c or c++ program then change the program name from *.exe to *.cgi.


CGI describes an interface which you can implement in a variety of languages (some easier, and more importantly, more safely than others).

Unless you own the box you're running the HTTP server on, your average sysadmin would baulk at running a program executable as a CGI on their machine. They much prefer tried and tested scripting languages.


haha, C++ is not tried and tested? idiot

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I agree with all previous bad rep comments.
You're the idiot, he's not talking about C++ as a language.
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Learn to read before making an ass of yourself.

If you were hosting the website on a Windows server, you could have the core of your application written with c++ as an ISAPI DLL, and it could be loaded by IIS.

Please search google for ISAPI filter.

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