“Message Conversion Tool” acts as a tool which is used to convert the request (message) in one format to the standard format.Using this tool we can receive the request in any format, convert it into the standard format and send the response immediately.The request format may be of any kind (For example https, XML etc). The tool contains certain rules that serve as the base for the conversion. The standard has its own specifications; the conversion of the Proprietary format to the standard format is made based onthe specifications. Once the request is processed, the response is sent back to the user in the required format.

""pls help me regading abt dis project..we need a certain code for dis project.The required tool should be created for the conversion using iso""

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We are not going to do it for you, so if you want some help, you'd better post what you have so far, describe what the current problem with itis, provide all error messages completely, and ask a specific question.

Edit: BTW, https is a protocol that additionally makes use of ssl, it is not a "format".


And you'll need to be a lot clearer than you are.
Just saying you want to convert one format to another "using iso" isn't going to do you any good.
You're going to need at the very least a detailed description of both formats at byte level, possibly at bit level depending on the structure of the formats.
And you're going to need a detailed description of what you mean by "using iso", a phrase that in and of itself is meaningless.


And on top of that, https is not a "message format" (it's a network protocol), nor is "XML" (it's a definition language for file/message formats) , so you seem utterly confused about what it is you're actually going to be doing.

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