I am using VS .Net 2003. I had created the Crystal Reports and running on machine fine.
Now i want to create setup using InstallShield to deploy it at client side.
I had included dll's for Crystal Reports in my project.
But when i include that dll in setup project, it won't run at client side..Saying Exception as
File "KeycodeV2.dll not found"

Is there any solution to this....

Whether it is sufficient to give only Crystal Reports dll's that i have used in projects?

Can any one help me to resolve this problem...
Please guide me...


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i have this problem before but i never tried to use another installer before, i just use the deployment package that it included in vs.net.
i did like this :
1. Open your project
2. Click File - New - Project - Setup and Deployment Projects
you will see the file setup window and include 3 folders application Folder,user's desktop,user program menu.
3. Select Setup Project
4. Right Click on Application Folder - Add - Project Output
5. select Primary Output
6. then right click on project setup name in solution explorer.
7. click Add - then select Merge Module
8. choose 4 File to add :
after you add that files, select on Crystal_regwiz2003.msm file. see the properties (upper of properties) and expand the MergeModuleProperties and fill the key license with serial number for crystal report (you can see the keynumber on Help-about microsoft development environment)
9. do the Build..
10. finish...

commented: thx, its very helping +1

Jx_Man's info sounds about right, but I thought I'd add this because I had a heck of a time finding out where they were:

Documentation within VS.Net Professional Release version states:"The msi merge modules can be found in c:\Program files\Microsoft Visual Studeo .Net\Crystal Reports\Redist directory". In fact no directory is created by the installation programs. The merge modules are in fact found off of c:\Program Files\Common Files…..

Hope this helps.

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