I'm completely new to using compilers such as Borland Turbo C++ or MS Visual C++ to create and run C++ programs. They both involve "form" and "projects". Could some kind folks tell me how exactly to create, compile and run a simple program in such environments? In other words, I have no clue how "form" and "projects" are linked together, and where to start creating a program, then somehow make it part of a project, then run it. What is the "form" for? Should I type my source C++ code using notepad or using "form"?

Completely clueless here! Would really really appreciate any patient help! Thanks a lot!!!

The "form" you are talking about is probably your program's GUI window. I don't think you want to do that. Just start out by creating a standard console program. Your compiler's IDE will contain a text processor where you can type in your program. You could use Notepad, but then it's not as handy to use as the IDE that comes with your compiler.

For VC++ 2008 Express you can read the instructions here to get started. I don't know about Borland because I never used it.

Ancient Dragon, thanks for the reply! I went to the VC++ site and watched the tutorial video. It's very helpful!