Hi Friends,
Pls, help in finding the solution for the following problem,
I am working in solaris environment.
i am trying to compile my c program using "cc" compiler, i getting the following error msg,
cc: illegal suffix of output filename
**Error code 1
Thanks in advance........

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Since we can't see your monitor you will need to post the exact command(s) that you use to compile. If you are running a makefile then post the containts of that makefile.


Quit copying my questions AD :icon_cheesygrin:

You'd think the OP would have updated both threads (or are there more?) with the same information at the same time, in anticipation.

Did I mention that cross-forum posting is not smart?

Odd that it's a different filename on the other forum which can't be compiled.
Mmmm, I wonder what that means. That we're not getting the whole story perhaps?

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