Hi Everyone!
I've been wondering what to do this semester for my final year project. Last semester i developed a java chat application, which i thoroughly enjoyed. This semester am clueless on what to do. Can someone offer me any suggestion? I woul gladly appreciate it.:rolleyes:

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Oh no, not another kid who can't think for themselves.
Whatever happened to originality and coming up with your own ideas?
Why not just ask people to post a complete project plan with full implementation right away so you don't have to bother posting other questions after you get someone give you an idea for a project asking to first create a project plan for you and than to create the code?
After all, you know as well as I do that that's what you're going to do next.

Even I m looking for a project . I would suggest a project on "Developing 3d Game for Mobiles " based on Advanced Java
Best Luck

i am working on java chat appliction. can u send me ur source code as u hv done this application

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