i want to design and implement as application that reads an arbittary number of integers that are in the range of 0 to 50 inclusive and counts how many occurences of each number are entered, after all inputs are processed , print all of the values ( with the number of occurences) that were entered one or more times

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It's funny though: the title of your post is Question in C# (how wonderfully vague), but you have not posted one.

Figure out what you're trying to ask first and give it another shot.



Here's a question in C#:

using System;

class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
                String question = "How do I count occurrences, given a list of integers?";

                String answer = Console.ReadLine();

hi scru ,

yes i am new to C# and forums so maybe my way of questioning or posting on a forum maybe not in a proper way , anywayz thanks for suggestion.

well as for david.crawford

i want it in a console ap, i am trying out the code by hollystyles ( thanks for the reply) , even i have tried some coding but am getting an error at some point.

thanks for the repiles..

hoping for getting a good answer

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