how can i select the text in Word between 2 bold numbers. At first i must define the bold number and then select the text after him until next bold number.

what exactly did u mean by it?
and what about "word"?
is it any string within your program or you want to select text from Microsoft Word?

plz clarify in more detail

I mean Microsoft Word/VBA. I have tests in one document. In this document I have numbered questions. And I have another document. It is a table with 3 columns: № , variant, question. Document is too large. I want to copy questions of test in the table in another document.
May I use macro? In the tests numbers are bold. I don't know how can I define the bold number in tests. Maybe it is unpossible?

it can be easily achieved if you convert the word file to HTML file

save your fiel as HTML file,

From there you can easily recognize the Bold numbers(HTML puts <B></B> tags)

on text parsing you can recognize the tag and then you can get the following contetent text /Number what ever it is..

hope this will help you,

With regards
Venkatramasamy SN