I want to learn to C++ But I don't know how to start to learn it?

Is there a program that I can practice it in or something? I just don't even know how to begin learning it?

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IMO the best was is to take college classes. If you can't do that (maybe because you aren't in college) then the next best thing is to buy a book and start reading from page 1. Here is a thread about the best recommended books.

Then of course you need to get a c++ compiler. Microsoft VC++ 2008 Express is free and easily downloaded from here. There are also several other free compilers that may be easier to learn how to use, such as Dev-C++ and CodeBlocks

Hi iam also new to C++ programming Language. I downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 compiler for free and i have started compiling all programs from the OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C++ by Robert Lafore book. It doesn't matter which book you use but first install compiler and take one book and then try to compile all the programs from that book.

After that you can go to compiling small projects to the complex ones.

I think as i know this the best option.

Get a book and read it look at the code examples, type them out and compile them then change them slightly add another line to them or whatever, if you only type out the examples then move on you will not learn C++ as well as you would if you messed around with the example code.
STICK TO IT some parts are difficult, for me it is pointers and classes but keep trying then when you finally understand them make a program that uses them and keep practicing over and over and you will soon get the hang of it.

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