Does Anybody know how to use C++ to get information from a database? I have this assignment due but , I do no know to incorporate a database into my program. My program is to allow a user to choose from NFL football teams,when the user picks the team , they will see that teams 2004 draft picks.Here is how I have started without using a database.

function file:

#include <fstream>                //for file I/O                                               *
#include <string>
#include <iostream>              //for cin and cout                                            *
#include "2004draft.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>                //for exit()                                                *

using namespace std;

const double pi = 3.14159;

void Draft::intro()
cout<<"\n\n\t  *********  2004 NFL DRAFT PROGRAM  *********\n\n"
<<"\t(NFL teams only  -  one of each team)\n"
<<"\tYou will be given six choices.\n"
<<"\tPick the team that you are interested in,\n"
<<"\tbut first, ";

void Draft::getUsername()
cout<<"\n\n  Please enter your name:  ";

void Draft::getClassname()
cout<<"  Enter class name:  ";

void Draft::getDate()
cout<<"  Enter day:  ";
cout<<"  Enter month:  ";
cout<<"  Enter year:  ";

void Draft::getDBinfo()
cout<<"\n  Round 1 (17):  LB D.J. Williams,Miami:"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 2 (41):  RB Tatum Bell ,Oklahoma State:"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 2 (54):  WR Darius Watts,Marshall :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 3 (85):  CB Jeremy LeSueur,Michigan :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 5 (152): CB Jeff Shoate,San Diego State :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 6 (171): WR Triandos Luke,Alabama :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 6 (190): C Josh Sewell,Nebraska :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 7 (225): QB Matt Mauck,Louisiana State:"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 7 (247): RB Brandon Miree ,Pittsburgh :"<<endl;

cout<<"\n  Round 7 (250): QB Bradlee Van Pelt,Colorado State:"<<endl;

void Draft::getMVinfo()
cout<<"\n Round 1 (20) :  Kenechi Udeze   DE USC  (from Miami) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 2 (48):   Dontarrious Thomas   OLB Auburn  (from New Orleans)" <<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3 (88):   Darrion Scott   DE Ohio St.  (from Baltimore) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 4 (115)   Nat Dorsey   OT Georgia Tech "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 4 (119)   Mewelde Moore   RB Tulane  (from Miami) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 5 (155)   Rod Davis   MLB Southern Miss  (from Baltimore) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 6 (184)   Deandre' Eiland   S South Carolina "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7 (220)   Jeff Dugan   TE Maryland"<<endl;

void Draft::getDCinfo()
cout<<"\n Round 2  (43)   Julius Jones   RB Notre Dame  (from Buffalo) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 2  (52)   Jacob Rogers   OT USC   "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3  (83)   Stephen Peterman   OG LSU " <<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 4  (121)   Bruce Thornton   CB Georgia"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 5  (144)   Sean Ryan   TE Boston College  (from Buffalo)" <<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7  (205)   Nate Jones   CB Rutgers  (from Oakland)" <<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7  (216)   Patrick Crayton   WR NW Oklahoma St.  (from Tampa Bay)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7  (223)   Jacques Reeves   CB Purdue  (from Dallas via Oakland)"<<endl;

void Draft::getACinfo()
cout<<"\n Round 1   (3)   Larry Fitzgerald   WR Pittsburgh"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 2   (33)   Karlos Dansby   OLB Auburn" <<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3   (64)   Darnell Dockett   DT Florida St."<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 4    (100)   Alex Stepanovich   C Ohio St.  "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 5    (135)   Antonio Smith   DE Oklahoma St. "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 6    (167)   Nick Leckey   C Kansas St. "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7    (202)   John Navarre   QB Michigan  "<<endl;

void Draft::getDLinfo()
cout<<"\n  Round 1    (7)   Roy Williams   WR Texas  (from Cleveland)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 1    (30)   Kevin Jones   RB Virginia Tech  (from Kansas City)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 2   (37)   Teddy Lehman   OLB Oklahoma  (from Cleveland)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 3    (73)   Keith Smith   CB McNeese St." <<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 5    (140)   Alex Lewis   OLB Wisconsin "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 6    (172)   Kelly Butler   OT Purdue "<<endl;

void Draft::getSCinfo()
cout<<"\n  Round 1    (1)   Eli Manning   QB Mississippi  traded to NY Giants "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 2    (35)   Igor Olshansky   DT Oregon "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 3    (65)   Nate Kaeding   K Iowa  (from NY Giants)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 3    (66)   Nick Hardwick   C Purdue "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 4    (98)   Shaun Phillips   DE Purdue "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 5    (133)   Dave Ball   DE UCLA "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 5    (154)   Michael Turner   RB Northern Illinois  (from Miami)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 6    (169)   Ryan Krause   WR Nebraska (Omaha) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 7    (204)   Ryon Bingham   DT Nebraska"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 7   (209)   Shane Olivea   OT Ohio St.  (from Atlanta)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n  Round 7    (254)   Carlos Joseph   OT Miami (Fl)  (Compensatory) "<<endl;

void Draft::getGBinfo()
cout<<"\n Round 1    (25)   Ahmad Carroll   CB Arkansas "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3    (70)   Joey Thomas   CB Montana St.  (from Jacksonville) "<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3    (72) Donnell WashingtonDT Clemson(from Washington via Jacksonville)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 3    (87)   B.J. Sander   P Ohio St  (from Miami)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 6    (179)   Corey Williams   DT Arkansas St.(from San Francisco)"<<endl;
cout<<"\n Round 7   50 (251)   Scott Wells   C Tennessee  (Compensatory)"<<endl;

//void Draft::getAFinfo()



void Draft::outputName()

cout<<"\n\n  2004 nfl team draft locator "<<userName<<"."<<endl;}

void Draft::outputCourseNum()

cout<<"  I hope you enjoyed the "<<className<<" class."<<endl;}

void Draft::outputDate()

cout<<"  You logged in on "<<day<<" "<<month<<" "<<year<<"."<<endl<<endl;}
file to display
#include "2004draft.h"
using namespace std;

void main()
Draft findTeam;

cin.clear();       //This keeps variables from
cin.ignore(100,'\n');     // getting into 'choice',
// allows switch to work.
int choice;

cout<<"\n\n  Enter choice number:\t1  -  Denver Broncos\n"<<
"\t\t\t2  -  Minnisota Vikings \n"<<
"\t\t\t3  -  Dallas Cowboys\n"<<
"\t\t\t4  -  Arizona Cardinals \n"<<
"\t\t\t5  -  Detroit Lions \n"<<
"\t\t\t6  -  San Diego Chargers \n"<<
"\t\t\t7  -  Green Bay Packers \n"<<
"\t\tor any other entry to quit:  ";

switch (choice)
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:
case 6:
case 7:
}while(choice == 1 || choice == 2 || choice == 3 || choice == 4 || choice == 5 || choice == 6 || choice ==7);

IF anybody has some useful info I would appreciate it.

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A database is nothing more than a file with a certain pattern for data storage. In order to pull data from a database, you need to know HOW the data is internally stored within that file. A database could be a flat file, with one record per line, or it could be a binary file with internal search keys and other encoded data.

In order to help you with your code, you will need to tell us how the database is formatted, and you should also take a stab with the code to read it out and into variables. Chances are, you will need to put the data into a memory array or linked list, and you are going to need storage buckets to hold the data and the linked information together.

Good luck with it.


Guys and gals just dont seem to understand file handling
Check this link

I give a basic intro on how to use a database.It's just the steps you can follow to retrive or write data.I use structs but you can also uses classes(Hey calsses are just structures with funtions attached,so you can write them to a file).

Many seem to have a problem with file handling and databse.[Does anybody want a full blown tutorial on fstream file handling and databses in C++,i will do one if ya want]

Thanks firenet. Yeah i would like a tutorial on the subject mentioned. Thanks .:mrgreen:

is my site,so when it's up you will get the tut or an admin will have to put up a sticky of the file i/o tut

Hello there,

I was wondering if a database management library would be something nice, 'cos it won't be necessary to install a database management system before using a program that uses a database.
So, I've developed a database management library, DBL, and I would like to share it with C++ programmers. As soon as I can I intend to share the source-code as well.
There is also a DBL Command-Line Interface for download.

I reckon it might be useful for loads of C++ programmers


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