i just started my first IT job since graduating (I have not had a java class in 3 yrs due to going to school part time) and i have been givin a pretty easy assignment but i am having problems getting started. I pulled out my old school books and have taken myself back to the basics but i dont want my employer to feel im taking too long for this easy assignment so any help would be greatly appreciated!

heres what i have been assigned to do...
- take an xml file as input
- open a https connection to a specific site ( i do have the url)
- send the xml data
- obtain a response that is sent back from the site and write it to a file
- place the response to a folder on one of our servers
- write a comma delimited log with the date, filename, file size and success/failure status that can be uploaded to excel

thanks to any one that has a little extra time to help

And using Apache Commons http the entire thing should only take a few dozen lines of code (I know, I've done it, and no you can't have the code as it belongs to a former employer).