Curious if anyone here has any experience with Image::Magick for Perl? The code in red does create a GIF file in the new dimensions, but it is blank, or should I say black. I know the $src handle is good, as I use it in the Thumbnail module and it works ok.

I tried using that same module to create my samller image, but it was so blurry. So I figured try the actual Image::Magick module, but really, the results are, well blank.

Thanks ahead....

my $src = new Image::Magick;
	my ($thumb,$tx,$ty) = Image::Magick::Thumbnail::create($src,'75x100');

	if(${%$info}{height} > 225 || ${%$info}{width} > 165)
		my $reduce_by = 0;
		if(${%$info}{height} > 225)
			$reduce_by = 225/${%$info}{height};
			$reduce_by = 165/${%$info}{width};
		${%$info}{height} *= $reduce_by;
		${%$info}{width} *= $reduce_by;
		goto ONCEMORE if(${%$info}{height} > 225 || ${%$info}{width} > 165);
		$src->Resize(width=>${%$info}{width}, height=>${%$info}{height}, blur=>0);
		zDebugOut("$reduce_by, ${%$info}{width}, ${%$info}{height}");
		my $current_size = "${%$info}{width}" . "x" . "${%$info}{height}";
		my ($newpic,$nx,$ny) = Image::Magick::Thumbnail::create($src, $current_size);

In the end I used Scale only after realizing that Resize was wrong. Sorry

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