I thought that my problem was how I was declaring a manifest file.
But now I think I can safely rule this out.

I think the probem lies in the way I am loading the DLL/COM object
that the manifest file references.

The program runs -- sort of. After I embed the manifest file into
the executable. I just cannot step through the code in debug mode.

So I put the manifest file into the list of files that the IDE had
to reference. And then I noticed a big change. Then the executable
that I produced had an error message (that I could ignore and continue
running the program, if I choose to) that said the probem was
with the way I was loading the COM object.

How do I load a DLL into a GUI front-end written in C#. Where
should I look for possible problems?

try including it i the references.....

let me know

That did not work.

Maybe there is a problem with the way I am using the DLL. How do I simply add a DLL to a project and expose its methods? All I am doing is this so far. I have added the DLL to the Solutions Explorer as a Reference. Then, in the C Sharp file where I make the function call, I list the DLL at the top of the file as one of the "using" types. That seems to be all that is done in the code. What more do I need?

i dont think u need anything more......

1) include the reference
2) put it in the using clause

try creating a whole new project with only that ref included

& then try using it.

what's the type of DLL, managed or unmanaged?

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