I don't know if this is the proper forum for my question, but I'll give it a try. We have a few standalone Java applications sitting on a remote AIX box. These applications are listeners, so they start up and wait for events, i.e. they remain running, kind of like web servers do. Here's the question: if we remote in to the AIX box from a Windows box using RUMBA, and start the listeners from there, will the programs exit when we close the RUMBA window on the Windows box?


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I've never heard of Rumba, but I assume it's some sort of terminal emulator?

Under Unix, append the command line with a "&" to force the process into the background. That will allow you to close the terminal without the command terminating.
Or, better yet, use the "screen" command to create a logical terminal that's not linked to any specific physical terminal (which your terminal window is) and start the process in there. You can then use "screen" with other parameters to reconnect to it and monitor or interact with the process.

See an AIX manual for more details.

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