Respected sir/madam

1> how to call project folder in netbean?
i am trying to run full online exam project at netbean. am getting exact display at tomcat.
but am getting error at netbean.(like am keeping all jsp pages in subfolders like for exam, test...etc)
2> how can i make connection for database(ms-access for netbean?) pls if possible give me snap shots.
3> is there any tool for designing html page. like making word bolt, or making words coloring at netbean? and ow can i use that?

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sorry...........i know all those tutorial site..but pls can u tel me how to use html tool at netbeans. like is there any option for making text bold(without coding/scripting like how we do it in .NET)
AND pls can u help me how to imoprt project folder to netbean(am trying to run online exam project at netbean. This project is done using tomcat. just i wanted to run that at netbean. pls can u help for this.
and how to establish the database connection for ms-access using netbean(for the same project).

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Obviusly you have not bothered with the tutorial sites. And "text-speak" is not welcome - use English.

If you want to write html just create a new file with the extension .html or .jsp and write your code in there using the appropriate tags.
As for importing a project, you should its .jar file in order to added at your current project's library

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