I am new here and I got no programming skills at all, but I think this tool is very easy to write. Please do me a favor.
This is how the tool works, you open a ini text file.
In the ini file there is something called "Weapon" that looks like this


Ok so what the program should do: It should check the Projectile tag and se if the projectile value is exist or not

This is how a projectile can look like:


So the program check all weapons in the ini file, and look if the projectile exist, if it dont exist, it writes it down in a txt file and says which weapon that haves a invaild projectile.


>but I think this tool is very easy to write.
It looks very easy to write, even for a beginner.

>Please do me a favor.
If you're asking us to write it for you, forget it. We're not a programming service, we're a programming help forum for programmers. We help you solve problems you have while writing your code. We don't do it for you. Period.

>>We don't do it for you. Period.
Not so fast Nurue. I'll do it is the op first deposits $10,000 USD into my PayPal account. But then this thread will have to be moved to the Job Offers board. :)