I Am Currently Working On A Project For A Pathology Lab. I Am Trying To Display Only The Fields That I Need And It Is Not Quite Working. For Eg:- I Have 3 Fields ----name,add And Tel And I Only Fill The Name And Add, The Report Looks Like This :

Name : Satish
Add : Mumbai
Tel :

I Don't Want The Tel Field To Be Displayed If It Is Null Or The Name Field Is Null Or The Address Field Is Null................only The Fileds Entered Should Be Displayed.

Name : Satish
Add : Mumbai

Just Like This

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I assume that you are pulling the information from some sort of file or data base.

so when you pull the information, you could add a if statment

if len(txtTel) = 0 then
txtTel.visable = false

if your not pulling the information from a file or database, you will need some way of telling the program to do the check. maybe the lost_focus, or got focus


use the isNull function to check whether any of the fields containing any valid data. if it returns false means the fld has some data. so go and display it.


hi bushman,

actually, i don't require to validate it in the textbox, only when it displays in the datareport....i actually store it in the database and query it using the serial no. and then display it on the datareport


hi shouwik,

i'll try your suggestion and get back.......thankxxxxxx

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