it posible to change the skin of the form?? including the command button and other tools??
i would like to design a system that much attractive that the ordinary visual design..
could anyone help me.

yes u can, use manifest file to make your program like your os skin. so if the program on xp the skin like xp or if the program on the vista os its like vista skin. but you can use ocx file.

i was only a begginer in vb. please help me . more explination pls, on how to do that.
where i can get that..
for the reply

try to look for vbskinner ocx.It helps you tweak your design.There are many tutorials on how to do this.

Hey,You're from the Philippines also eh!

yahhh , im from the phil.

ok i will visit that site..thxx dude.
where you from?? sorry for not visiting your profile..

this is a sample of manifest file :
put this file in a same folder with your exe file

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i already put my exe file in the same folder. but i dont know what is the exact process.. pleasee be more specific.. and also to the attack .. thxx for help

change the manifest file name as your exe name. when you run the exe file, your program will have a skin like your os.

tnx for the manifest ^^..

Im from Philippines too

thxxxxxx a lot dude.
but by the way can i get the manifest site??

i would like explore more thing on it..

but it's already done..thxxxxxxxxx

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