Dear Group,

I am using VS.NET2003 VC++ 7.0 compiler to build the Snake Game (sample game) developed in C++ 3.0, now i would like to recompile in VS.NET2003 C++.

Whereby it has three files, the root file snake.cpp and csnake.h header file.

When i build the solution i ask me "graphics.h" and it is not include in the source file snake.cpp.

i try search in windows in my pc and add the graphics.h in the same folder, but it will give me

fatal error: couldn't find the include file graphics.h.

What is the solution for this?

Thanks in advance,


graphics.h is a header for the old Borland compilers. It won't work in your environment.

You'll need TurboC++, but it's for DOS. It should run under XP, but not recommended.