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my task is to do the automation of consolidated database (MySQL). i have to upgrade the previous Consolidated Database (CD)programming. so far, i have already designed a timer. but my problem now is on how to plug in this timer to the previous CD source code. the previous CD programming requires the user to select and enter the files that they want to consolidate. however, i have to make it so that the files will be consolidate automatically based on the time set to the timer, without requires the user to select the file. the only thing that the user have to do is to set the time. my idea is to create a source code that will automatically extract the data to be consolidate from a specific files (probably the destination of these files can be defined in the source code). is it possible to do this? does anyone know how to do this or probably the source code for this? thanx!!! i really appreciate ur help..

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I'm not sure what you are asking.... are you wanting VB to consolidate the files, or are you wanting VB to control the program that consolidates the files? Are these just text files, or are you getting this from the SQL? Or are there files on the computer that will be uploaded into the SQL Database at a given time?

i want the files on the computer to be uploaded into the SQL database at a given time. the files is in excel format. the timer and the CD source code are written in VB6.

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