I've just downloaded and installed Vision Egg, a library built for python that displays various common scientific stimuli. While I was able to install it according to their specifications and get it to run from the command line (Terminal in my case), I have not been able to get it running in Eclipse, my favorite IDE.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular install, or advice on how to get extra libraries like this one into IDEs? I tried telling Eclipse to add the Vision Egg folder to the system Pythonpath (where all the other libraries seem to be), but it still gives me the following error when I try to run a basic demo:

VisionEgg.start_default_logging(); VisionEgg.watch_exceptions()
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'start_default_logging'

I'm using Mac OSX 10.5.1 with python 2.5 (although Vision Egg seems to prefer 2.4 -- I have that installed too, but it isn't what is linked to Eclipse for an interpreter -- could this be my problem?).

Any help or insights at all would be appreciated...

It seems to find the module VisionEgg, but not the method/attribute start_default_logging()
Are you sure there is such a thing, and is it spelled correctly. Also, do you have to create an instance of class VisionEgg to make this work?

Sorry I am using 'wonderful' Windows Vista and shied away from using the huge Eclipse IDE.