I've done a little simple C++ programming but what I need now is way beyond my capability.

I have a PCI soft modem that is not working. See thread under Hardware "search on Dick."

I've exhausted all machine ideas to find out why it won't work. I'd like to write a program that will watch my ports and memory at the assigned resource points to see what happens when I send a signal to the modem. I'm running 98 no SE.

I've tried debug but I think sending an AT to the modem and then activating debug to look at the memory area changes things. I need to peek at the memory without changing it in any way just after I send something to the modem. I'm thinking "tracing the signal" from point to point.
Is that a large order? My experience in C++ has all been at the command line. I now need to input to the modem and watch at the same time. I have no clue how to do that at the command line. If I use "echo ATZ > com 2", at the command line, and then do a "s" for ATZ, I only find it at the places where debug uses it for the search.

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you might want to use Win32 Lib functions or even better -> assembly language. Embed it in C++ inline for an easy ride, or make a 16 bit asm program, it is an easy way to read ports.


Thanks for the input. I have been changing the registry using parts and pieces from my XP side to input into the 98 registry. I feel like I am very close to getting this thing to kick in. It appears my PCI is not being told to send the signal to the modem. We'll see.

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