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I want to use the returned value of user defined function of source code(VB.NET) in Databases( MSSQL)
is it possible to throw the returned value of user defined function of source code into databases?

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You can deal with UDF from VB.NET as you use it in SQL Server, ADO.NET helps you, but please tell me do you want to pass parameters to UDF or return the value of UDF.

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basically i have created a udf in my source file and i want to throw the returned value from that udf to database where i have created a stored procedure , in that stored procedure i want to use this returned value !


If you want to create UDF in source code and save this UDF in your SQL Server, just use SMO library to help you regards this.

To add reference to SMO
Project->Add reference->Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo

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