Hi All,

I have a project, (VB6) and inside this project we have a dll working with ADO, responsible for access Database.

I did a modification at this DLL and recomplie it.

when I try to add this new DLL using references, nothing happens and I continue with the old DLL.

If I try to recomplie with the same name and location, I´ve been receiving this message when I´m going to compile the project:

Compile error: Expected user-defined type, not project

The object that I try to instance seems not to recongnize that class...

Can you help me to solve this issue ?


In the references screen, highlight the DLL you are using and make a note of its location (it is included under the scroll box with the references listed inside).

Then, I would say to replace the DLL with the newly compiled one (back the original one up just in case!) and register the new DLL using the following command (replace the file path I provided with the actual DLL path).

regsvr32 c:\path_to_dll\your_dll_name.dll

Then retry adding the reference to your project and go from there.

Post back if you have any problems/error messages.