hey guys im new here can anyone teach how to start.(cus i want to learn c++ programming how will i start).

buy a book ;)

sorry but thats the best way

Thanks jbennet ive been thinking about that,but on the other hand ive been thinking about going online tutorial but when i started it i couldn't understand.
So ill follow your advice..thank you very much.

Try searching google for some online lectures from a introductory university class. Other than that, books are the way to go, there are a lot of great ones. Tutorials and forums help immensely, but not until you have a bit of a base.

fastest/funnest way (for me at least):

find a friend or ask your parents for a very simple program that they would like to see

* Temperature calculator
* Recipe Program (for saving drink mixes...etc)
* Number guessing game (hi-low game is very simple)

Once you have found an application you think you will enjoy writing, lay out the framework for the app or just dive right in (being new you will probably just dive right in :) )

The most important thing is to get yourself motivated or you will not enjoy what you are doing.

I work with Smalltalk on a daily basis (VERY VERY old programming language)

To help stir the daily boredome of using an ancient language/distro (we are using VisualWorks 1994-95 release) I dig into the innerworkings of the runtime enviornment and innerworkings of the language itself and upgrade /modify the image.

The end result is that I can find something positive in what I do and enjoy the language that much more.

Be motivated, and find a group of people you can talk with about programming.

There is always dani web and we are always here to help within reason :)

Get bloodshed dev c++, its user interface make it easier for beginner, much easier then typing at notepad and compile it with mingw.

Once you install dev c++ you can open their example. Once you got the idea then begin search more tutorial from net.

That's how I learn c++, I'm new at c++ too :D .

dev c++ and codeblocks seem to be dead now

>dev c++ and codeblocks seem to be dead now
That's an odd statement to make when the most recent build of Code::Blocks was...today.

oh right, i didnt notice the daily builds in the forums, i just looked at the releases and saw there hadnt been one for ages

dev c++ seems to have been in beta for like 3 years now, methinks dead

>dev c++ seems to have been in beta for like 3 years now, methinks dead
To the best of my knowledge, development has stopped on Dev-C++. Code::Blocks is basically the replacement.

Read Alf Steinbach's tutorial. It walks you through getting and setting up a C++ environment as well as providing a fun introduction to c++ programming.


I highly recommend buying "Accelerated C++" by Koenig and Moo. It's an awesome book, fun problems and an introduction to STL make this a great learning experience.

Other than that, yea, find a fun project you want to work on and get started.

commented: Good advice. You're the first person aside from me to recommend Alf's tutorial on this forum. +21