hello there ....can someone help me solve my problem of my assignment....i try to code it....so I need some guidances ...

This is the question...

An operating systems uses shortest job first scheduling for it’s process management. Assume that there are 10 processes waiting in a queue which is implemented as a linked list of PCB’s ( process control blocks). Assume the PCB’s have information about Process ID , CPU burst time required , amount of memory being used . Simulate SJF until all the jobs complete and find average waiting time for both preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling. Modify your program to include random arrival of jobs with a fixed burst time required and find the average waiting time of the jobs completed over a simulation time of 100 units. :cheesy:

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Thank ypu intel for your reply...actually i don't enough time anymore because I have to submit my task as soon as possible...therefore I hope that someone could help me...I really appreciate it...

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