my prof told me to make my thesis system encrypt all that i save on it (on the add/save part of
a file maintenance) ... thats all he said,

ive seen something like this, but cnt remember...

can any1 help me on making a program that when ever i save a data to a database(using VB)
that data will be encrypt?? or some what be jumbled??

my only idea for this is using the ..... hmmm, changing the keydown sumthing of each letter i write when saving it to a database,


i try to save the word "MYNAME" on a database

then when i open the database

instead "MYNAME" is there

i will see sumthing like "SJWCNZ" (it changes the letter/or somewhat jumbled)

pls help me, i wanna learn how to make this,
thx a million for those who's willing to share :icon_razz:

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See this my encryption method, this a simple one. you can use this code to save the encryption result to database and read database with encryption reading.

This is a screenshoot from my encryption.

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ok sir ive seen your code, and its really good, but theres something i cnt understand about it

the line

CriptVariable = Asc(Mid(Label1.Caption, i + 1, 1)) - 77

whats "Asc" , "Mid" use?
also what are those number for?

i + 1, 1)) - 77

what do they do?

pls explain it to me,

ohh 1 more thing about the

"reDim" also pls....

TY!! :$

asc = to get ascii.
mid = take a letter from taken value position and sum of value which it taken.
ex: mid("perfect",2,4) result = erfe
ReDim statement to serve as the initial declaration of a dynamic array. The array does not have to be declared anywhere else.

Asc(Mid(Label1.Caption, i + 1, 1)) - 77
get letter from label1 with mid function start from i+1 as many one letter and the result convert to ascii. then ascii be shift as 77.

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ex: mid("perfect",2,4) result = erfe

so the number "2" will be start ??
and then the number "4" will be how many letters it will get from the word?
pls correct me. if wrong

what if this will be the code


will the result be = rna ?


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what a wonderful code...

Thx! help me alot,

got 1 more question its ok if you wont answer it anymore,,, (il try 2 solve it)
bcuz maybe ur bz,

after encryting , how can i turn it back to normal? if im going to get it from the database,

again THX! A LOT! sir!

you see the program have a reading encryption code. it working if label encryption changed. see the code when label encryption result change (label1 in program).
when you want to show data again after save, use the code to reading encryption after load data then show it to user.

Encrypt data in database -> load data -> encryption reading -> show data after encrypt to normal.

Ok. hope this helps.
all for the best friend.

NB : don't forget to mark this solved :)

ok sir! thx again for everything , :)

Hi jx_man... its help me too

nice to hear if this post was helps you friend :)

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