hi i am new to programming and have had problems installing C++ on vista. Is it possible to get C++ working on vista or will I need to switch back to XP or ubuntu? Does Bloodshed work on vista?

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I had the same problem with Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition. All the components are written in C++ and would not work in VB. Before downloading the express editions try this...
Click Start
Find Visual C++.exe
Right click on it
Click Properties
Click on the Compatibility Tab
Look for Compatibility Mode
Check the box(Run this in compatibility mode for)
Then SELECT from the dropdown combo listbox "Windows XP with SP 2"

Try that, If that does not work then download the express edition of Visual C++
Happy Programming!!!


VC++ 6.0 will work on Vista but you will get a lot of compatability warning messages. VC++ 2008 Express runs perfectly on Vista. So if you are currently using VC++ 6.0 you should upgrade to VC++ 2008.

I use Dev-C++ on Vista. But you may have to add full paths to the directories listed in in Tools --> Compiler Options --> Directories.


Thanks for such a quick response, but that is not for me. I was replying to a similar problem. I use VB 2K8. I am a database programmer. Thats all I do. Once again, Much Thanks for such a quick response.


u can use similarly in xp without th fulscrn mode , ie u can run simple programms other than graphis pgms

It is better to return to xp

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