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A C++ compiler, an IDE and a GUI toolkit like the GTK+ which can be used for creating the user interfaces. This should be the bare minimum to get you started with.

BTW dont expect a source code or any help of that kind from here since we can only answer your queries but cant provide you automated homework help.

Best of luck for your future endeavours, bye.


i hope u can find the word "GUIDE" in the thread which i posted.....anyways lemme tell u i am takin up text editor as a mini project which is a part of our curriculum....and i am restricted to use either C or C++ only...no GUI...thats the problem. so please help us.......


and i am restricted to use either C or C++ only...no GUI...

Give us an example on how this text editor should look like.
Is it something like notepad in windows or like the old command line edit program in windows?


i appreciate your help.....but the stuff in the link which u gave is too complicated....as i have been asked to implement a simple text editor....i need the basic things....like i wanna know how do i start off with mere knowledge of C and C++ and data structures


To achieve a difficult task and make a complete software is not easy as it appears and due to teh complexity it is bound to contain advanced concepts so that the software can be realized. If you have the desire to make a software you have to study hard to make it happen. Just asking for something to happen the easy way just doesnt click right. Before creating anything its better you do a reality check.

If you still feel that you can create a text editor software with the knowledge you possess, then best of luck for your project.


> as i have been asked to implement a simple text editor
So a nice simple console editor, with a menu containing a few options
a) insert a line
b) change / edit a line
c) delete a line
d) print some lines
e) load
f) save

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