I am running vs2008 I am creating a new c++ program. when I try to compile I get

"Error 1 general error c10100b1: Failed to load file "..\Debug\testing_email.exe". The system cannot find the path specified. mt.exe testing_email"

any ideas??

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first compile you files. then build them. you're trying to run your programme or link resources or smth like that. have you compiled your .c .cpp .h .hpp files????


Lemme see if I understand this. You have a program in a .cpp file and you want to create the .exe file from it? You obviously can't run/debug a project until you've built/compiled your project. You may have already tried this but have you clicked on the "Build Solution" option from the "Build" pull-down menu? You can't use the debugger till you've built it. When I tried to do that, it gave me a message like "Project is not built. Do you want to build it now?"

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