Hello all :

I 've created a simple form , when it's started a clip cursor called, but when I pressing by keyboard(Alt+Tab) for (moving between opened windows) , this clipping is canceled, Is there any idea to prevent this or stop it??
Thanks in advance.....

Edit the form code generated and add this line
this.Cursor = new System.Windows.Forms.Cursor(CursorPath);
It works with me well.

Thanks a lot for your answer, but is (cusrsorpath) a handle or what ?? can you please explain more

Thanks in advance.....

Hello :

Thanks again for your answer , I was tried this.Cursor = new System.Windows.Forms.Cursor(Cursor1.cur);
an error occured(this name is not exist) and I created a cursor file, but I tried
Cursor.Clip = new Rectangle(x, y, w, h);
it was work but if I press (alt+tab) or start in the keyboard this clip is cancel , how can I prevent this until the form is closed???
Thanks in advance

look create your cursor and put it in specific path, take its path and follow my first answer.

Hello :
I was tried it too, any way thanks for your support and best wishes.....

Thanks a lot I'll send it to the address soon ..