dude. know to search databse will automatically scrooldown the txtbox?

hi.. can any one give me example for this code. that will automatically dropdown the txtbox for the other data in databse..

^_^ sorry for the explanation... can't explain so well..^_^


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Kindly post your question/task in details,

Then only people can extend their technical hand to support you,

With regards,
Venkatramasamy SN


I read the original post as if there is a text box which information gets dumped into, and the OP wants it to automatically scroll down to show the newly added information at the bottom at all times.

Best comparison would be an MSN Messenger chat box - the conversation goes into the chat box, but always at the bottom and the text box stays at the bottom of the page always (unless you move the scroll bar of course).

I don't know how to do this by the way, I was just hoping to make more sense of the post.

(fingers crossed I've understood it correctly, else I'll look a fool ;))

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