Hi all,
I was learning about VBA 6.5 in excel ,so get Visual Basic 6 enterprise just to see can i do anything in that. So i get confused it is not same program like they do not look same .
But they have some thing common .So i buy book for dummies and when i start reading about Visual Basic in excel 2007 .
I sow this

Don’t confuse VBA with VB (which stands for Visual Basic). VB is a programming
language that lets you create standalone executable programs (those EXE
files). Although VBA and VB have a lot in common, they are different animals

So i get confused . Is there a VBA for download from some where ? Or any book about VBA i try to search but with no succeed .So , can you explain to me where is difference between VBA and VB.

Thank you for your effort of reading.

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-VBA is a subset of VB which runs inside one of the office applications. As a result VBA inherits the current Office object library and application instance by default and any references that are included. However in VB you have to create the application instances if you need to manipulate one or more of the Office application objects.

-There is not much difference between VBA and VB as such. VBA may be thought of cut down version of VB and is primarily used for programming in Office Application such as Word, Excel, Outlook etc. However, VB has wide scope for programming.

Syntax wise also there is not much difference, You may try to take this code in VB directly and try to run that. That might work?

-Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications both stem from the same language - Basic. In that way they have at least a fundamental similarity. You will also find that the extensions to Basic that were included to allow Visual Basic to interact with Windows are also very much the same in Visual Basic for Applications. In fact they both have a very similar level of Object Orientation. The way you address objects, collections of objects and other such things, the way you respond to events, call methods and set properties is the same across both languages. In some cases there are slight variations in the specific names of events or properties but in general they are almost the same. In fact you will find even more similarity between VBA and Visual Basic 4 than with VB3 as VB4 uses VBA as its central code engine. This means that they are in fact the same under the covers. The real difference in VBA is that it is embedded in some other product (Excel, Project, Access, whatever).

see this link :

Thank you ,but what is the visual basic application instance , how can i create it i have VB 6 ,i read the links you suppled me but i can not find info about that.

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