OK, i found this site because I did a yahoo search to calculate the parking charges and print the total, Well someone else had it already posted but once I registered I lost it. I am not even supposed to be in this class but I have to take it in order to graduate in lieu of a class no longer being offered. i need some help please let me know. I have bits of code but i'm not quite sure how to put it together

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The first step is to learn C. What are your problems in regard to that?

first step might be to ask C-related questions on the C forum :)
I have no doubt that many of the developers on the java forum are willing to help, but do bear in mind, that the syntax of java and that of C are not identical


This thread was originally posted in the "computer science" forum, so I asked a mod to move it. But I guess something went wrong :)
I'll try again

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