I have a problem installing .net on my machine.It gives the error massage:Install security updates and
I don't have facilities to download security updates.Is there a compiler for c# free of charge ,can enyone post a link.

Why don't you have permission to install updates? Is your machine locked down or something?

Best route would be to contact your system administrator. They should authorize you to install the software if it's something you really need on there...

I have tried to download the mono compiler but it and security updates are over 60 mb in size and it gets over 2 hours to download. I know there is no other way but to download them.Thanks for the links.

Aan, can I assume by your name you're at the University of Charston South Carolina? Anyway, since It's a university machine I'm guessing you're talking about, there is probably a lab somewhere on campus with VS on it, and everything you need to go wild coding :). I work for a university and we maintain VS installs on nearly every lab computer we have due to student demand, maybe ask the IT people why they don't?

I had able to install visual studio
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