Hi All,
I am in a real confused state. I am graduating next month and my masters was mostly concentrated on theoretical concepts of software engineering. So I didnt get much chance to hone my programming skills. I have done java for few months back in india.. now I dont know what field to choose here in US. Java or .NEt and then someone told me to shift into database or SQL. Can anyone please suggest me.

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Well, I Think You Should Go For The Java First. Because It Is Easy To Switch Over To Dot Net If You Have Experience With Java.
Even The Database Is The Evergreen Field.
So The Choice Is Yours!


management. With your lack of knowledge it's the only place you'll ever succeed.

Aside from the fact that he suppossedly has a "Master" (although I have to assume he meant major here, and not masters) and he is just now going to start looking for an entry level development position?

It's all lies!


how can you be graduating if you can't decide on that? you're not an it student are you??

Hello, whoever you are. For your kind information I am a final year B. Sc. I. T student. Currently I am working on Java and SQL. I am not an expert like you but I can assure you that what I have said is right.


Thanks for your concern guys. I mentioned is right. I am just finished my masters in computer science from Colorado Tech., Colorado, USA. My course was just concentrated on management and higher level management work. I have got offer's from small companies for the post of manager but being an alien in US... they cant file my H1. I just have two options either to go for a consultant or try again for some big companies.

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