Hi, my name is sunny, i need help with my java project urgently. Could anyone help me? i would be grateful if anyone could help.

here is a link to the task


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For one thing, your link appears to be bogged down, or just plain down.

Secondly, we give homework help for those who show effort. Why not post the assignment here, post what you've done, and what you're stuck on. That's the only way you'll get help from us here.

I really hope that you (and most definately I) never have to work with any of the bums, I mean students, you help cheat, I mean tutor, their way through their classes.

ehmmm, masijade this post is 3 years old:D

No actually I replied to it, but my reply was considered as a spam (and removed). And probably this message will be too...

Sorry masijade.
To reply to your message. I only help students that make a serious effort to solve an assignment...

ehmmm, masijade this post is 3 years old:D

The mods got me! ;-)

And, actually, I got myself, as I both flagged and responded to the post, so I made myself look foolish. Oh well, it's not the first time, and won't be the last, either. ;-)

Do you know what we should do when someone just asks for others just to do their homework?
We should do it, tell them that we did it and it's perfect and NOT give it to them as punishment for their being lazy.

Or give them something that's extremely convoluted and just prints a message like "I'm a lazy kid who got someone else to do his homework and didn't even check whether it was what I wanted before turning it in as my own" on screen ;)

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