In Borland C++ Builder 6, I used forms. I created a button and clicked on it. It went to the editor. I typed "form1. " waiting for autocomplete to work. But I got "error in source code". The source code was generated by the BDE. Why doesnt it work. I spent 2 hours downloading the file from borland site. :mad:

comment out the line, save and compile, uncomment.
Backspace over the period and retype, see if that clears it.

Sometimes it doesn't see that you're at work on the line still and (of course, as it's incomplete) reports a compiler error on it which prevents codeinsight from launching.
The procedure outlined above usually does the trick.

Of course it is possible that you actually have a typo in your own code, are you certain the form is indeed called form1 (lowercase f) for example?

P.S. there's a newer version available here: C+ Builder 6 is an old product (plus the personal version of CBuilderX is I believe free of charge instead of a trial).

Do like this: Form1->button1....or whatever .Use "->" instead of "."

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