i need a password program in assembly language that if you put a password it displays an asterisk (*) instead of the input characters... hope you can help me. thanks

cyberkenji08: We really does not know what is the flactform that you are asking about . It can be win32 , DOS , Linux or whatever anything . Beacuse this is a assembly langauge general form please make sure to ask the qustion little bit smater ! . However cyberkenji08, take this easy and most of us are like and interested to help you ! but the problem is this , for a example implementing the program under DOS is shoewhat different than the Win32 , therefore , make sure to ask the question smater and include the details as far as you possible .
example . most of the program is C++ and you're trying to write this part in assembly for a reason that conflicting each other , therefore inorder to help or discuss this problem we needs to know min of the interface specification on the module . Think that this is a module , a assembly language function that calls like

void getUserNamePassword ( char *userName , char *password )

Therfore inorder to implement this we need some more details .
what is the flactform ?
win32 , linux32 , win64 , DOS , other ..
what is the fully interface specification for the sub-componment ? and how it interacts with each other and what are the dependencies with outside world .
if you already write some code , thus append it here .

hi there.

i got codes for DOS.

try this

mov ah, 07h
int 21h
cmp al,0dh
mov b[si],al
inc si

mov dl, '*'
mov ah,2
int 21h
jmp password

this will show '*' instead of letters.

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sorry dude thats my problem to... hehe

Can you show me the password counter code for assembly language?
I find it so hard to make the code.
Pls.need your help because this is our project for final.

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