Hi all,
I am learning VB 6 and i a just a beginner and i need to know some programs who is made it i VB 6 so that i can have a reason why i am learning. If you can send me some pictures or some kind of program who is not a simple and some explanation about what he doing for the user .
So i need i program or pictures or sample to learn how user effect of VB 6 .I do not know am i made a right question .

Thank you for your effort of reading . I hope a answer soon ,please give me the reason why i need to learn ?

So i do not know am i clear ,but i will try to be more
accurate ,so i need a program who use a LAN or pictures of the program , how it looks like .So i think that will help me with to learning VB 6 . Then i will see what in one way what program do in real .

I hope that you will understand me .
Again thank you for your effort of reading this .

You can refer some good books for the purpose or can find a lot by inesting some quality time in web-seaching.

if u wish to learn from the scratch there are a millions of sites available in the net to serve your purpose. you can find those easily just be doing some googling. visit this site as my recommendation :-
as the name suggests it is an virtual learning centre for vb6. great site...

this link leads you to a collection of some good vb6 sites :-

this is another :-

there is no limit in that. these are a quiet of them.

have a good learning experience.
good luck


Thank you .
But first i want to ask you Shouvik something ,
did you ever made a VB 6 program who can add data on database server from the user over the LAN ? And i want ...
To be more accurate i want to have a program who can add data to server and server is on the other computer .
So i need a guide from some experienced programmer .

Thank you for your good will and of course your effort of reading this .

yes i have done a lot of this. but the method of implementation differs on database type.
so in which type of database you want your demonstration?
this can be done using access,sql server and oracle.

let me know what is your's choice.


I am a novice in this , so can you suggest me what is the best and i hope that server database is free .

proper server databases refer to sql server & oracle databases. though an access database can also be used in this purpose but it is treated as a local database. well the license of the server db that u wish to use completely depends upon the policy of the vendor. but if u wish to use access then u can download a free edition of ms-office from microsoft's download centre. but in case of sql server i think there is no free version available. also u can get a free copy oracle server db from oracle's site. they are offering 10G now (the latest of all oracle databases). so the decision is yours.

if u want to use an access db then u have to do nothing bigger while implementing the same. just put the database in a LAN and install ur application in a server machine. if u use a peer-to-peer connection then u can treat each node as a server connected into the network. then create a shortcut of the application resides in the server machine to each of other nodes available. then run ur apps and do manipulating data. the application will update the same database residing into the server node.

if u use a sql server or an oracle database then the method of implementation is quiet different. u have to install separate copies of ur application into each node and also install the database in each machine. remember that a copy of the server part of the database has to be installed in the server machine. then configure the cilent parts by setting up ip address of the server node (where server part of the database is installed). run ur application from any of the cilent nodes. it will update the same database installed in the server node but just make sure that the server node is running and the client node has sufficient previledge to access the server part of the db.

so i think this lecture will give you some basic fundas how to implement the db and in how the database implementation differs.

read it and tell me what you are thinking.
when i come back i'll get back to you.

till then bye
hv a nice day


I installed A SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP2
and SQL Server Management Studio Express from Microsoft . So now i am a very confused , I guess that server start immediate when i install the Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP2 and SQL Server Management Studio Express from Microsoft then i got confused when i open this stuff i do not know what to do ,how do do anything ,but i still have a goal to add information from other computer on LAN with VB 6 ,i spent hole day to learn how to install and how to start this, maybe i am not a so smart as you might think so if you said that i am stupid thats is , ok .
I could leave this stuff because is it to complicated for me . What do you think ? Do i need to leave this stuff or not ?

why are you thinking about leaving? if you have decided to learn then just do it. don't be confused we are all here to help you.

ok you have installed the server db. yes there is no hard n fast formalities to start the server and client parts. it will be handled by your os. now to start with sql server you can navigate from sql server management studio. previous versions of sql servers have two separate applications; sql server query analyzer and sql server enterprise manager. but now microsoft has combined both of these into a single one. the sql server management studio is the place where u can control your server database. you can create database, security logins or users, configure the user with a default db, create views which can be used to call reports from ur applications, write procedures, triggers and many more things. in short this management studio is the heart of sql server 2005.

now to get started with this you have to consult a good book.
Visit here to get some online books

Check this on how to connect a sql server 2005 database from visual basic 6

study these books to get some basics.
when you get these get back and i'll give you some more stuffs.

till then bye


Thank you very much , you are like database who knows everything .
I will start learning now.

thank you very much too for such an honorable reply. i am feeling very proud at this time. this is all for you. i'm feeling like a charm who have been useful in helping people. thank you very much for keeping in touch.

remember one thing i am always been here for helping you people. so whenever you got any problem just remember me. this is my email id :
you can send your queries to my inbox also. i will try my level best to serve you efficient solution.

now when you got all the stuffs start learning now. when you got some knowledge then come back and we will discuss more things on this.

till then bye

and one more thing i you think that your question has been solved then please don't forget to mark this thread solved.


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