i am fetching value from a table and assigning to data grid. one of column contains date and time, which is not showing me complete value in data grid. When i test it using msg box on click. msg box prompts right value. here the msg box has input of that grid cell value.

where is the problem?

need help.

Pease provide the procedure that you are uing, are you using through dataset or you doing through coding.

i am using dataset to fill gride. but why its not showing me full value.
when i select a date column.

if that is the date column problem then do one thing.
Select your datagrid and press at the small black arrow and click on edit column
from that form select date column and click at format property and then set the property to date/time and select short date or the date format that you have defined in database.

hi Alekhan
thanks for reply. But the procedure u told me is can be done in 2005. right! i am using 2003.
And binding data in code file. so my problem is still not solved. plz anyone help.